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A Record of Buddhist Graduates


The Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia is embarking on a project to produce a book entitled “Reminiscence- a Record of Personalities in Campus Buddhist Societies”, and hereby request the assistance of public in this project by furnishing us the necessary information.


As you are aware, the University and University-College Buddhist Societies played an important role in the overall development of Malaysian Buddhism. These societies have produced many outstanding Buddhists who are now playing their roles in the overall Buddhist movement in Malaysia.  However, study on the role of University and University- College Buddhist Societies is still lacking.

Hence the Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia would like to spearhead this study, by first compiling this book.


The objectives of this project are to make use Buddhist personalities to reflect the important role played by University and University-College Buddhist Societies in the overall development of Malaysian Buddhism, to provide clues and pointers for future study, and to inspire existing members of the Societies to serve the cause of the Dharma.


Hence, we would like to invite those who meet the following criteria to participate in this project: 

  1. Those who continued to serve the cause of Buddhism with dedication after graduation for not less than 20 years, and whose age is not below 45.

  2. With dedication” means long term, without interruption, and on a significant scale.  

  3. Areas of service may include: serving as Dharma school teachers, leading Buddhist organisations, organising Buddhist activities, sponsoring and supporting Buddhist events, Dharma preaching, writing, hymn singing, cultural activities, and so on.

  4. Participated and/or contributed during the days in the Universities or University-Colleges.

  5. Those who have achieved significant success in other areas, such as in politics or business, but not in the Buddhist movement, are not considered.


We hope you will, out of gratitude to the Society that had influenced and nurtured your life, provide us with the necessary information for us to complete the project. 

An online form link is hereby attached for your further action. We would appreciate if you could return the form online by 8th Oct. 2021.

The information provided will be reviewed by an independent editorial board (comprising people who are not from these Societies) to determine whether it is appropriate for inclusion in the book.   If found appropriate, we will further contact you, including appointing a writer to interview you (online or face-to-face), and to develop your story in full. 

The information you provided, whether appropriate for inclusion or otherwise, would definitely be of good use for further future research.  More importantly, by providing this information, you are expressing your gratitude to the Society that had influenced and nurtured you to what you are today.

For further enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact Sek Chin Yong (012-6168566) or Low Chee Leong (012-3215054).

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