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  1. Let everybody has the chance of doing good deeds, and promoting the spirit of “Everyone cares for Me, and I care for everyone”.

  2. Gather and manage public resources to aid projects related to charity/ education/culture.

Fund Usage: Assisting vulnerable and marginalised groups, hospice care programmes, manpower training courses, creative cultural programmes, academic research, Heartbiz projects, etc. All applications must have specific and realistic goals in line with the Fund vision, mission and purpose. It will not entertain application for funding property purchase or construction.


WE care, WE build.

Dharma world, Harmonious society.

Promoting Righteous Dharma, Benefiting human society.



Everybody has the chance of doing good deeds.

“WE Fund” is initiated by YBBM, with the aim of letting everybody the chance of doing good deeds. By gathering and utilising the public resources, we promote righteous Dharma and fund projects that benefit human society. We sincerely invite you to contribute.

Together, WE care, WE build.

Contribution can be made by scanning Touch 'n Go eWallet or bank in.

Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia

Ambank 8881041079777

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