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Malaysian Sangha Fund
To support the welfare of the Malaysian Sangha, thus an opportunity for Buddhist devotees to offer dana to the Sangha


Objectives : 


The fund is managed by a committee consisting of Chao KhunPhra Raj Dhammathada (Chairman), Ven. PhraKruPannyaSasananurak (Vice Chairman), Ven. Boon Keng (Vice Chairman), Ven. Chi Chern (Vice Chairman), Ven. PhraKhruSiddhikhanarakChamriangCandano (Hon. Secretary), Ven. E. IndaratanaMahaThero (Hon. Treasurer) and two lay representatives from YBBM Board.

The Malaysian Sangha Fund  was established on 25th August 1991 after a National Mahasanghikdana was successfully held.  In the past 30 years, we have catered to the education and medical needs of Sangha members through generous contribution of the public.  The purpose of this fund is to provide an opportunity for Buddhists to support the Sangha thus gaining merits.  Every year, we organised a National Mahasanghikadana and the proceeds from the event is channeled to the Malaysian Sangha Fund, which would then be used to cater to the medical and educational needs of the Sangha members.

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The Malaysian Sangha Fund has been established to support the medical costs and education of monastics. However, the medical coverage for the Sangha is often inadequate. Thus, a Sangha Group Medical Insurance Plan is introduced to provide better medical care for monastics. 
This plan will be fully funded by the Malaysian Sangha Fund. 

All Sangha members fulfilling the following requirements are welcomed to apply:
✅Sangha Member
✅Malaysian or non-Malaysian with valid Visa/Pass. 
✅Resides in Malaysia (those residing outside Malaysia for a continuous period of more than 90 conservative days will not be covered by this plan) 
✅16 to 65 years old (age of next birthday)
✅Endorsed by a Supporting Buddhist Organization

The list of supporting Buddhist Organizations can be accessed here :  
Application procedures

1️⃣Submit the application online 
2️⃣The application must be endorsed by a supporting organization
3️⃣Application will be reviewed and processed


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(All information is correct as of the date the above documents were prepared - kindly refer to the master policy if any discrepancies found)

For enquiry, please contact

YBBM Secretariat:
☎️ 04-2287146/019-418 7146  

Malaysian Sangha Fund Application Condition:

​(1)Medical Cost

1. This medical claim is open to all needy residential Sangha members of temple in Malaysia.

2. Application must be endorsed by the Chief Abbot of the temple concerned.

3. All medical claims must not exceed the total amount of RM5,000 (Ringgit Malaysia Five Thousand Only) per year. 

    The amount approved shall be decided by the Sangha Fund.

(2)Tertiary Education

1. This grant is open to all residential Sangha members of temples in Malaysia admitted to study in a local or overseas 


2. The grant is maximum RM4,000 (Ringgit Malaysia Four Thousand Only) and is paid annually till the final year.

    Application is to be renewed annually.

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