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Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia

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Objectives of Bodhi Park


To serve as the bastion of Buddhist Development in Malaysia:

1.  Training of Buddhists, particularly Buddhist youths in tertiary institutions.

2.  Provide Dhamma-based leadership Courses, develop future leaders of Malaysian Buddhism

3.  Organise  seminars, meditation retreats, holiday camps, etc.

About Bodhi Park


On1/11/1991,YBBM was allotted a 1.24-acre land by Selangor State Government in Section 24 .A donation campaign SAVE A RINGGIT A DAY FOR BODHI PARK was launched. In 1995/96, due to unforeseen circumstance, the offer was withdrew and the stop-work order was received. After numerous negotiations for almost a decade, on 21/11/2002 the State Government of Selangor finally offered a 1.7 acres new site at U12, Shah Alam for YBBM. On 8/4/2004 the Sales & Purchase Agreement was signed.However, the development plan and building plan were only approved just before the 2008 General Election.  Construction work started in 2009 and the first phase was opened for usage in 2011.


Modern training center

  • Meditation hall, training center, seminar hall

  • The auditorium can accommodate 200 people

  • The dormitory can accommodate 100 people

  • Equipped with air-conditioning equipment

  • Suitable for holding life camps, workshops, meditation camps, body and mind training courses, etc.

  • Venue is opened for booking. Those who are interested can contact Mr. Chua 017-8782988

New Milestone

Bodhi Trees Planting on 22 May 2011 –

The only twin Bodhi Trees planted in Malaysia to commemorate the 2600 Sri SambuddhaJayanthi.


Planting of Twin Bodhi Trees is unprecedented in Buddhist history. It signifies the innovative spirit of Buddhists  and promotes the love for green environment


Bodhi Park Location

雪兰莪沙亚南菩提园 Bodhi Park, Shah Alam

1-A, PersiaranSerai Wangi, Seksyen U12, 40710 Shah Alam, Selangor.

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Develop human capital, opening up new frontiers for Malaysian Buddhism.

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