Personal/Memorial Charity Fund

The meager strength of an individual can also assist students in their education for a long time (7).png

The Yayasan initiated the setting up of Memorial Charity Fund / Personal Charity Fund to encourage individuals to do charitable work on a long term basis.Anybody who donates RM2,000 or more to the Yayasan will have a fund set up in his / her name managed by the Yayasan.The interest derived will be utilised for the Tertiary Education Grants,Study Grants to lay students of the Malaysian Buddhist Institute yearly and etc.

The Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia (YBBM) will be organising an online award ceremony for 2020/2021 Tertiary Education Grant on 27 February 2021 (Saturday).

The grants opened for application since September 2020 and has received applications from 128 undergraduates of 25 varsities. Among that, 67 beneficiaries are shortlisted via online interview and two screenings. They will be awarded RM1000 grant per person. YBBM will invite the leaders of all local varsities to join the online award ceremony.

The aims of the Tertiary Education Grant are to support underprivileged undergraduates financially meanwhile to motivate students that are actively involved in varsity Buddhist societies. YBBM hopes that the beneficiaries continue to propagate Buddhism and promote social activities that bring benefit to the public together in the future.

YBBM Tertiary Education Grant has financially supported 498 undergraduates since year 1985, contributing a total close to RM500,000. The source of the grant comes from fixed deposit interests of Personal Charity / Memorial Fund, and donations from public and enterprises.

2020/2021 Tertiary Education Grant Online Award Ceremony
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Tertiary Education Grant

The grant aims to help deserving students to further their studies at institutions of higher learning. The students are offered RM1,000.00 each by the Yayasan. The successful applicants of the grant are chosen based on their family background, academic achievements and involvement in Buddhist activities.

University and College Buddhist Societies Sponsorship Scheme

The scheme, in existence since 1986, aims to encourage Buddhist activities organized by the university and college Buddhist societies.